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Strategic Sealift Officer Program

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2014

Every year Midshipmen of SSOP at CSUM, have the opportunity to represent themselves at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  On February 25, 2014 MIDN Serge Balian, MIDN Jake Snyder, and Adam Moine attended ROTC Day at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with the AOIC of SSOP, LT Schlachter.  This is what Midshipmen Serge Balian had to say about his experience there,

"This was an opportunity for ROTC cadets and midshipmen to acquire information about internships at LLNL and to learn about the laboratory’s role in maintaining the nation’s nuclear stockpile. The day began with an introduction and panel discussion with seven senior officers with experience in the field of nuclear weapons preservation and proliferation. While we ate lunch, MIDN Snyder, Moine and I had the unique privilege of speaking to one of the panel members, Brigadier General Jonathan George, USAF (Ret.) about his extensive Air Force career. Gen. George flew B-1 and B-2's, served as the operations and logistics officers for the United States Strategic Command, and as a senior advisor to Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Obama. We then toured the High Explosives Applications Facility. HEAF is used to test the conventional explosives in nuclear warheads to ensure they will work if called upon."