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Unity Council at Cal Maritime


The Unity Council is celebrating HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 2016 - Check Out Our EVENTS

The Unity Council at Cal Maritime is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We have a series of events planned, starting with a musical performance, Los Valientes, on Tuesday October 4th starting at 6pm in Rizza Auditorium (food and drink provided). For more information visit our Events page
























UNITY COUNCIL EventsThe Unity Council sends a big THANK YOU to Ron Jones, Executive Director of Dialogues on Diversity (http://dialoguesondiversity.com/), for presenting Get Out of Your Bubble during O-Week to all incoming 4c cadets at the California Maritime Academy.
































For more UC Events click here

Purpose of the UNITY COUNCIL

The Unity Council serves to create a more diverse and inclusive university community. Diversity encompasses a multitude of dimensions and identities, including race, gender identity and expression, economic status, sexual preference, religion, immigration status, national origin, and more. To achieve this purpose the council strives to:

o   Sponsor programs and activities that publicly celebrate the diverse communities and cultures within our campus.

o   Foster mutual respect, appreciation, understanding, and collaboration among the members of the Cal Maritime community.

o   Inform the university community about historic contributions of diverse communities to California, the United States and our global society.

o   Review data and information that assesses the university's "campus climate" and make recommendations for improvement.

o   Participate in campus strategic planning.

o   Uphold the Principles of Community as described in the Student Handbook

Get Involved

Are you a student who wants to get involved with the Unity Council? You are invited to email us (unitycouncil@csum.edu) or feel free to approach one of our members. Click here for a list of current members.

Contact Us
We want your input! Please share your ideas for upcoming programs, comments about events, and other thoughts and suggestions by emailing the Unity Council at unitycouncil@csum.edu


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Resources For Faculty and Staff

20 things I can do to be a better multicultural educator

Diversity Managers Checklist

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