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Recognizing Distressed Students

We recommend you refer your student for services if the signs below persist:

Change in Academic Performance or Behavior

  • Poor performance and preparation
  • Excessive absences or tardies
  • Repeated requests for special treatment
  • Unusual or changed interaction
  • Avoids participation
  • Dominates discussions
  • Anxious when called upon
  • Disruptive of class
  • Reports roommate or family problems
  • Exaggerated emotional responses
  • Strange behavior showing loss of contact with reality
  • Isolated from friends or family
  • Depressed or lethargic mood
  • Hyperactive or rapid speech

Unusual Appearance

  • Swollen or red eyes
  • Change in hygiene or dress
  • Dramatic change in weight

References to Suicide, Homicide, or Death

*These may be present in verbal or written statements.

  • Statements of helplessness or hopelessness
  • References to suicide
  • Homicidal threats