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California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS)

All employees appointed full time for more than six months contribute to the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS). Employees appointed half time for more than one year also contribute to PERS. Lecturers and Coaches qualify for CalPERS retirement membership at the beginning of their third consecutive quarter at half-time or greater. Membership and contributions are mandatory. CMA employees enrolled in CalPERS are in the State Miscellaneous, 1st Tier plan.

Part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees are not eligible for PERS membership, but are enrolled in one of the CSU Part-Time Retirement Plans.

Applying for Service Retirement

Employees should begin retirement planning at least one year before retirement; however, retirement applications should not be submitted to CalPERS sooner than 90 days prior to the retirement effective date.

CalPERS Application Resources

1. Visit a CalPERS regional office. Addresses may be found on the “How to Reach CalPERS” page of this website.

2. Visit the CalPERS website at www.calpers.ca.gov. Navigate to For Members--On Line Services Calculators and Tools--Create a Retirement Planning Estimate. 

3. Pick up a CalPERS retirement application booklet in the Benefits Office.

Other Retirement Resources

CalPERS Official Retirement Website
CalPERS Beneficiary Designation

Credit for Prior CalPERS Service

Employees who worked for another PERS employer and withdrew their contributions may request information about the amount required for re-depositing the withdrawn contributions.  Re-depositing of funds (plus interest) restores the prior service credit. PERS gives the option of a lump sum payback or monthly payroll deductions.  Employees who served in positions either at this University or with another PERS employer prior to becoming a PERS member may request information on the amount of depositing contributions required to receive service credit.

Applications for Service Credit Purchase options can be obtained in the Human Resources Department.

Disability Retirement

If employees have at least five years of CalPERS service credit (no minimum for Public Safety Officers) and become disabled for more than six months, they may qualify for Disability Retirement even though they are not yet age 50.  For more information, employees may pick up CalPERS Disability Retirement Booklets in  the Benefits Office, call CalPERS at (877) 225-7377, or visit the CalPERS websitewww.calpers.ca.gov.

CSU Part-Time Retirement Plans (Part-Time, Seasonal, and Temporary Employees)

Federal law requires that public employees who are not members of a retirement system be covered with a qualified retirement program.  This requirement applies to CSU employees who are excluded from participation in PERS because they work less than half time, are seasonal or are employed on an intermittent or temporary basis.

The PST plan is a deferred compensation managed by the Department of Personnel Administration. The mandatory monthly employee contribution is 7.5% of pre-tax salary. Taxes are deferred until the money is withdrawn from the plan. For more information, please contact the Department of Personnel Administration at (916) 322-5070 or go to the CA Dept of Human Resources (SavingsPlusnow.com administers this program).



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