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Summary of Benefit Plans

This webpage is intended to provide highlights of CMA's employee benefits. Certain benefits may have specific eligibility requirements and enrollment deadlines.This is a summary of benefits and should not be construed as a substitute for the master contracts or official plan documents. 

CSUEU – Units 2, 5, 7 & 9
Health Care Support
Operations Support Services
Clerical/Administrative Support Services
Technical Support Services

Faculty – Unit 3
http://www.calstate.edu/Benefits/Summaries/2007_Faculty_Unit 3

Academic Support – Unit 4
http://www.calstate.edu/Benefits/Summaries/2007_APC_Unit 4

Public Safety – Unit 8
http://www.calstate.edu/Benefits/Summaries/2007_PublicSafety_Unit 8

Teaching Associates – Unit 11
http://www.calstate.edu/Benefits/Summaries/2007_Teaching Associates Unit 11

Management Personnel Plan – Administrators

Confidential Employees

Physicians – Unit 1


Staging Enabled