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Welcome to the Porthole!

Welcome to Cal Maritime's Porthole!  The Porthole is an intranet web environment provided by the California Maritime Academy so that focused and personalized communications can go out to students, faculty, and staff. It allows students, faculty, staff to manage academic, social and administrative information.

A powerful feature of the Porthole is that it is a single web based application that has the ability to run multiple web applications that a user needs. The Porthole interface helps you create and edit the look and feel of web pages and to manage them.  You can add content and functionality to pages with any programming involved.  We invite you to become involved in communities that already exist or create a new community to foster collaboration in a campus organization, committee or club.

More documenting is being produced daily.  Please visit this page again soon!

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Porthole Navigation

Access and Login Requirements

  1. Main Portal Page
  2. Top Navigation
  3. Gold Navigation Bar

Your Personal Portal Account

  1. Managing Your Portal Account

  Personal Profile

  1. Functionality & Navigation
  2. Default Profile Settings
  3. Profile Customization
  4. Securing Your Profile 

Finding Friends in the Porthole

  1. Search and Find Friends

The Classifieds

  1. Navigation, Viewing, Posting


  1. What is a Community
  2. Locating & Searching (My Communities)
  3. Requesting a community
  4. Administering your community   

Blog Application

  1. Setup
  2. Securing Your Blog
  3. Maintaining Content Information

Message Board Application

  1. Setup
  2. Securing Your Message Board
  3. Maintaining Online Discussions

Wiki Application

  1. Setup
  2. Securing Your Wiki
  3. Maintaining Wiki Pages

RSS Feeds Application

  1. Setup and Usage



 More documenting will be forthcoming shortly.  Please visit this page again!