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Corps of Cadets

The Mission of the Corps of Cadets is to develop in each student traits of professionalism, teamwork, pride and self-discipline to become future leaders in maritime and other industries. The Corps of Cadets is an essential component to the leadership and professional development program at Cal Maritime. Every undergraduate student is required to participate in the Corps of Cadets. Through participation in the Corps, cadets develop the self-discipline, self-esteem, and character that will help them excel in their chosen careers. Ultimately every cadet understands how to follow directions, work as a member of a team, and lead others at the academy and on the Training Ship Golden Bear. 

It is an honor to be a cadet at Cal Maritime and that honor carries with it pride and responsibility that exceeds that of a normal college student. A Cal Maritime cadet is asked to do more, is held to higher standards of personal conduct and professionalism, and is given more responsibility than the traditional college student.

Corps Structure

The Corps structure is based on academic majors within the Corps of Cadets and is implemented in the form of Squads, Sections, Divisions and Companies. Leadership is inculcated within each cadet through a Division squad-based network which creates an opportunity for mentoring of underclass cadets by upper class cadets who are in the same major and have the same training and professional development requirements. Further, training is implemented at the Squad, Section, Division, and Company level, as well as cross Company, providing cadets an opportunity to develop training skills necessary to be a leader. Professional Development is instilled in every cadet through personal responsibility by meeting uniform and grooming standards and attending formation, watch, duties, and mandatory meetings.  Additional Leadership Development is provided for cadets who apply and are appointed to Corps Staff positions as Corps Officers.

The Corps of Cadets is organized into three Companies based on Academic major: Deck Company for the Marine Transportation major, Engine Company for the Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering majors, and Maritime Policy and Management for the Global Studies and Maritime Affairs and the International Business and Logistics majors. Each Company includes four Divisions numbered 1 through 4 with the corresponding letter representing the major, for example 1E for Engineering Division One, 2D for Deck Division Two, 3M for Maritime Policy and Management Division Three, and so on. Each Division is made up of sections that are further divided into squads. The number of squads and sections depends on the number of cadets in a Division. Squads consist of every class of cadet and are the foundation of the leadership and professional development at Cal Maritime. Squads provide a direct and realistic means for mentoring between cadets.

Company Commandants

Company Commandants are resources, mentors, and leadership coaches. They connect the academic world with what cadets are doing outside of the classroom. They are responsible for the practical leadership development within the Corps of Cadets through daily interactions, trainings/workshops, and scaffolded opportunities for cadet leadership involvement. Company Commandants work with cadet leaders within their assigned Company to ensure the requirements and routine of the Corps are met.

Company Commandants are key players in New Student Orientation and the annual Training Cruise aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. In each, Company Commandants engage directly with cadets to ensure their success in the experience, while fostering relationships that extend well beyond.

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