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Main Gate Access

Police Services personnel, augmented by the Student Gate Watch, control and limit access to the campus by monitoring access at the gate. The main gate to the California Maritime Academy is closed at 5:45 pm and opens at 5:00 am during the week. Police Services personnel will secure the main gate at the close of every school day.  The gate is closed 24 hours a day on the weekends. These hours are modified in the event of public activities on campus.
Students, faculty, and staff are issued the California Maritime Port Pass Identification Card upon enrollment or employment at the Academy. Students, faculty, and staff may access the gate 24 hours a day when the gate is not staffed by using their Port Pass in the swipe card reader located at the main gate. Students will arrange with Police Services for after hour visitors to access the campus. Guests may then access the campus by using the call box located adjacent to the Gate House. The call box system directly connects to Police Services’ cell phones.

Public Access to the Waterfront

We need to add this section, detailing how and especially WHEN the waterfront may be used by the public.

Building Access

Keys and keyless access via electronic access cards are administered by Facilities Management. Academic and administrative buildings generally are secured no later than 10:00 pm Monday through Friday (except during special events or extended classes). They are closed on weekends and holidays. The Student Center is secured at midnight. Anyone working late or on weekends may contact Police Services. Access to these buildings after normal operating hours is restricted to persons presenting written authorization from the appropriate department head or through prior arrangements with the appropriate administrator and Police Services. Holiday access scheduling is treated as weekend access.

Residence Halls 

California Maritime Academy offers three traditional residence halls (Upper, Lower, and McAllister) and the Training Ship Golden Bear which provide on-campus housing for over 700 students. Access is limited to residents, escorted guests, and staff.  Trained resident assistant staff resides in the halls and on the ship. Resident Assistants are on duty during weeknights from 8pm-8am and weekends from 9pm-8am.
Access to the Upper Residence Hall and McAllister Hall after normal working hours is via a card key system on the front west and east doors. Police Services personnel secure the Upper Residence Hall at 10 pm seven days a week. Entry to the Lower Residence Hall is controlled by keyed access to individual rooms.
Students should contact Police Services if they see suspicious individuals in the residence halls. Students must make locking their room door a habit. Frequently, Police Services personnel will accompany resident assistants on their nightly facility inspections of residence halls.


Courtesy Phones

Courtesy phones are at the front door/south entrance of the Upper Residence Hall. There is also a courtesy phone in each housing section of the Lower Residence Hall (A42, B32 and C42 entry ways or entrances.) You will also find a courtesy phone on the north side of the campus Administration Building. Each phone is capable of placing a call to any number on campus. Police Services regularly tests the phones and submits requests for repair as necessary.