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An Internship and an International Adventure


Morgan Murry interned on the R/V Roger Revelle last summer in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Each summer, Cal Maritime cadets leave campus and travel all around the globe for internships, co-ops, and cruises.
Last summer, Morgan Murry, a junior Marine Transportation major, joined the ship operations department at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of
Oceanography. Working with the department provided practical experience as she contributed to the department's ocean science enterprise – operating a research vessel that is crucial to the exploration and understanding of our oceans. 
Murry worked aboard the Research Vessel (R/V) Roger Revelle during scientific missions that took her to places like Thailand and Palau.
Murry serves in the U.S. Navy Strategic Sealift Officer Program, works as a dormitory resident advisor aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear, gives campus tours, and is a member of several clubs
"The crew of the R/V Roger Revelle was very welcoming, helpful, encouraging and extremely professional," said Murry. "My experience deepened my passion for the maritime industry and confirmed my decision of becoming a merchant mariner."
"In addition to an excellent learning opportunity, it was also an amazing adventure," said Murry. "Riding elephants in Thailand and scuba diving with sharks in Palau were some of my off-duty highlights. I have also had the privilege to meet and observe world class scientists during their oceanographic explorations. Having the chance to do work that I love while supporting modern day scientific discoveries has been an incredible experience."

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Last updated: 8/27/20