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Campus Champions for Academic Technology and Information Technology

Academic Technology - Remote Learning Taskforce

Cal Maritime established the Remote Learning Taskforce (RLT) to help our academic community prepare for remote instruction for the fall 2020 semester. The RLT prepared and reviewed data from student and faculty surveys given at the end of the spring 2020 semester to drive change and develop programs to ensure that Cal Maritime continues to offer the quality education that students expect from a California State University. The RLT identified training, support, and equipment needs for faculty, and assembled resources to help them transition from in-person classes to online and hybrid instruction. The RLT also assessed student technology needs with a focus on equitable access.

Through the efforts of the RLT, two-thirds of Cal Maritime faculty will complete at least one online training course in the summer of 2020, helping to ensure a quality online learning experience for students. The Remote Learning Taskforce continues to develop and implement action plans to prepare the campus for remote learning, providing our academic community with the support, professional development, and technology needed to be successful.

Members listed in alphabetical order:

  • Amy Parsons
  • Brian Crawford
  • Katherine Luce
  • Khaoi Mady
  • Michele Van Hoeck
  • Nipoli Kamdar
  • Samuel Pearson III
  • Sianna Brito

Information Technology

Cal Maritime's Information Technology staff met the challenges of the spring semester with diligence and dedication. When the campus transitioned to working remotely, the IT staff located equipment for desktop users, forwarded office phones, updated voice trees, set up voicemails to route to email, and set up GlobalProtect with Duo two-factor authentication for access to sensitive resources. The IT staff found new ways for the Cal Maritime campus to collaborate, ramping up Zoom support, creating online forms with electronic signatures and expanding the use of Office365 Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive tools. Throughout this transition, the IT staff also continued to prepare for cruise by working on satellite and WiFi updates.

Face-to-face classes were held to finish the spring semester, and IT staff readied the spaces by reconfiguring some learning spaces to enforce distancing and helped develop and maintain hygiene and health protocols working with tech equipment. In addition, door access controls were updated to restrict building access. The Simulation Center and simulation labs aboard the TSGB provided the critical hands-on learning environment cadets needed for coast guard certification and graduation.

The Help Desk, infrastructure, and applications support staff moved from in-person to online support, finding new ways to provide much-needed technology assistance to Cal Maritime faculty, staff, and students.

The IT staff continue to support and manage the tools and technologies that provide remote working capabilities at Cal Maritime, now looking toward the fall semester and next academic year.

Staff listed in alphabetical order:

  • Andrew Bowling
  • Cody Lewis
  • Gopaal Chandrasevkaran
  • Julianne Tolson
  • Laura Chin
  • Luis Solemnidad
  • Michael Lam
  • Paul Sosa
  • Petronella Steyn
  • Sean Dansro
  • Walter Gutierrez

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Last updated: 8/27/20