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TS GOLDEN BEAR will arrive in Vallejo, CA on Monday, August 24 at 1400. 

Cruise 2 will officially end on Tuesday, August 25 at 1200.


UPDATE - The ship's location in Long Beach, CA will be Pier T-124, Long Beach. 

Directions from I-110 (Harbor Fwy) South: Take the exit for Hwy 47 toward the Vincent Thomas Bridge/Terminal Island. On Hwy 47, take the exit for Pier T Avenue. Follow Pier T Avenue to Pier T Way.

Directions from I-710 (Long Beach Fwy) South:  Because of bridge construction, there is a detour. Take exit 1B for Pico Avenue.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn right and immediate get into the left lanes (because the dedicated right lanes go to Terminal C). Continue down Pico Avenue. Follow the detour and signs for "Terminal Island/Pier S and T" which brings you back onto the freeway over the Port. Take the exit for Pier T and follow the signs for Pier T. Follow Pier T Avenue to Pier T Way.

Texas Cadets on the Cal Maritime Cruise:  The ship arrives in Vallejo on Monday, August 24 at 1600 but Cruise does not officially end until 1200 on Tuesday, August 25.  Cadets will be released at 1200 (possibly sooner) on Tuesday, August 25. 

Bus transportation will be provided to take Texas Cadets to the Oakland International Airport.  It is recommended that you do not book your flight prior to 1500 to allow time for travel to the airport, unloading of your luggage, checking in and getting through the security lines.


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December 12, 2014


Dear Cadets, Families, Friends, Faculty, and Staff:

This year the Training Ship GOLDEN BEAR will head to Europe.  Cruise 1 begins on Wednesday, April 22 (1600) with the ship departing on Sunday, April 26 at 0800.  See attached Calendar for specific dates. 

Our first stop will be Long Beach, CA for a fuel stop only.  We will transit through the Panama Canal on Thursday, May 7.  Our first port-of-call is Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, before heading to Barcelona, Spain.  The next ports are Naples, Italy and Marseilles, France, and our change out will be held in Boston, Massachusetts.  The ship will be docked at the Black Falcon Cruise Ship Terminal while in Boston.  Cruise 1 ends on Thursday, June 25 at 1200. 

Cruise 2 begins on Thursday, June 25 at 1600.  The ports-of-call are identical and our last port call will be Long Beach, CA on Friday, August 21 before heading home to Vallejo, CA on Monday, August 24.  Cruise 2 will end at 1200 on Tuesday, August 25. 

More information about TSGB Cruise 2015, along with the other International Experience trips, will be posted on our website.  Stay tuned! 

Should you have any questions regarding cruise, please contact Susan Reynolds at sreynolds@csum.edu or at 707-654-1211. 

Let the adventure begin!



Captain Harry Bolton
Commanding Officer, Training Ship
Director, Marine Programs