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January 17, 2014

Dear Cadets, Families, Friends, Faculty, and Staff:

This year the Training Ship Golden Bear will head to SE Asia. Cruise begins on Wednesday, April 23 with the ship departing on Sunday, April 27 at 0800. See attached Calendar for specific dates.

Our first stop will be Busan, South Korea. Our next port will be Ha Long, Vietnam. Next port of call is Saipan, CNMI, before heading to Honolulu, Hawaii for our change out port. Cruise 2 begins on June 25 at 1600. Our first port of call will be Saipan, CNMI. Our next port will be Ha Long, Vietnam, before heading to Busan, South Korea. Our last port call will be San Diego, CA before heading home to Vallejo, CA on Monday, August 25. Cruise 2 will end at 1600.

Should you have any questions regarding cruise, please contact Susan Reynolds at sreynolds@csum.edu or at 707-654-1211.

Let the adventure begin!



Capt. Harry Bolton
Commanding Officer, Training Ship
Director, Marine Programs