Starting Spring 2024, only Canvas will be available. We recognize that this effort requires time and energy, and we will provide support to help ease the transition. Thank you for your support in this campus-wide endeavor. During this time, the Academic Technology (AT) department will provide online resources, workshops, virtual consultations, email, and phone support. Additionally, we also have 24/7 email/phone support by Instructure (Canvas) and automated migration of BrightSpace courses into Canvas. 

You can find a direct link to Canvas on the Cal Maritime Homepage or the AT web page. The direct link to Canvas is https://csum.instructure.com 

Timeline Table 

Spring 2023 

Summer 2023 

Fall 2023 

Spring 2024 

BrightSpace & Canvas 

BrightSpace & Canvas 

BrightSpace & Canvas 

Only Canvas 


Moving to the new Canvas Learning Management System 
  • Starting Oct. 18, 2022, faculty begin to develop Spring 2023 courses.  
  • The "Instructor of Record" had a Course Shell in Canvas only - starting Fall 2020. 
  • All of BrightSpace's 3rd party tools will be available within Canvas. Please check the list to see which tools have been integrated into Canvas. 
  • Faculty can access Canvas using the direct link: https://csum.instructure.com 
  • 24/7 support, for faculty, is available within Canvas > (?) Help Button. 
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When can I teach on Canvas?  

Spring 2023 is the first semester instructors can teach with Canvas.  


Why Canvas? 

Cal Maritime will begin the transition from its Learning Management System, BrightSpace, to Canvas in Fall 2022. The two systems will run alongside one another during Spring, Summer, and Fall, with Canvas fully implemented in Spring 2023. Canvas will position Cal Maritime for the future by supporting its pedagogical needs, mobile features, and complying with accessibility requirements. For a quick Canvas overview, view the Instructor video. You can also learn more about the Gradebook (video) and the Speedgrader (video) tools. 


Sandbox Shells 

Starting in Fall 2022, instructors will have the opportunity to have access to Canvas. This will allow instructors to work on their course redesign before Spring 2023. 

Sandbox shells have been created for each instructor within the "Sandbox" sub-account (folder). If you would like an additional Test (Sandbox) shell, you can request one via the additional Sandbox Shell Request form. 


Canvas Release Notes 

Canvas is an LMS created and managed by Instructure.com and they perform regular updates and enhancements to Canvas monthly. The Release Notes are available for anyone to see.  



Please email ATsupport@csum.edu if you have any migration questions, questions about Canvas, or general questions about the LMS.