Cadets Learning

The purpose behind the development of this team is to support the success of Cal Maritime cadets, with success defined as equitable access and matriculation into college, persistence through the educational program, timely graduation, and successful transition into a career. Each division of Cal Maritime has a significant role to play in ensuring that these facets of cadet success are integrated, well-functioning, and supported. Any measures of success must be data-informed and supported by a culture of assessment.

The CSI Team will undertake to examine, research and/or investigate any topics that may affect cadet success, and will make recommendations to the Provost and/or the VPSA regarding revisions to policies or processes that may be impeding cadet success. Each summer, the Team shall produce for the Provost and the VPSA a brief report of activities of the previous year.


  • Graham Benton, Associate Provost
  • David Taliaferro, Commandant of Cadets
  • Keir Moorhead, Faculty Representative
  • Kristen Tener, Associate Dean of Student Engagement
  • Anna Lindsey, Cadet Representative
  • Jessica McGinley, Confidential Assistant for Academic Affairs


2020 CSI Team - Minutes 4-10-20 (307.2k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 4-3-20 (226.4k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 3-27-20 (224.2k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 3-13-20 (222.6k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 2-14-20 (273.1k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 2-7-20 (229.4k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 1-21-20 (267.0k)

2020 CSI Team - Minutes 1-10-20 (255.3k)

2019 CSI Team - Minutes 12-18-19 (218.3k)

2019 CSI Team - Minutes 11-8-19 (289.1k)

2019 CSI Team - Minutes 10-11-19 (231.2k)

Charge to CSI Team (267.8k)