Fall 2020 Impaction Proposal Timeline

January, 2019
Cal Maritime submits the preliminary requests for new program impaction to the Chancellor's Office.

February, 2019
Cal Maritime receives tentative approval or denial for new or adjusted impaction requests from the Chancellor's Office.

 March, 2019
Cal Maritime announces its proposed impaction plans on its website

 March, 2019
Cal Maritime arranges a public meetings to be held on dates TBD in early April, 2019 with eudcational stakeholders, including the community college districts in and near Solano County

April 1 – April 15, 2019 (Delayed to June 10-20)
Cal Maritime holds three public hearings in various locations/times in Solano County. Cal Maritime will post and retain comments or composites solicited at these hearings on the campus website.

Mid-April, 2019
Cal Maritime submits final request including renewal/continuation of impaction with any adjustments to the Chancellor's Office.

 Late-April, 2019
Deadline for Chancellor's Office to grant final approval for new or adjusted impaction requests.

 May Board Meeting
Chancellor reports impaction decisions in writing to the Board of Trustees.

 July 1, 2019
Public comments and responses may be removed from the campus web site.