Changes to Program Impaction Effective Fall 2023

Beginning Fall 2023, the following majors are no longer impacted: 

  • Facilities Engineering Technology
  • Marine Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

Changes to Admission Requirements for Fall 2023

Applicants to the Marine Transportation program will be assessed based on the factors listed below, in addition to the basic CSU eligibility requirements.  Specifically for transfer applicants, the admission selection process for each of the impacted program will incorporate their overall college GPA, number of completed college courses, number of completed engineering courses, local area (Solano County) residency, and veteran status.  We also recommend submitting a resume to show any background/experience in leadership and/or the maritime industry.

Freshman Applicants

Required:  The most recent math course (at least algebra II) must be  passed with a "C-" or better grade within 5 years of the application term.

  • The overall high school GPA (Grades 10-12)
  • The math GPA (Grades 9-11) 
  • The number of math courses taken beyond Algebra II
  • Veteran status and Foster Youth / Ward of the Court status
  • Additional STEM courses (Areas C, D and G)
  • Participation in activities with maritime or leadership focus (JROTC, Sea Cadets, Boy/Girl Scouts, EXP, etc.) 
  • Work experience

Recommended:  Completion of the following:

  • Pre-calculus or equivalent course
  • A course in physics
  • Four years of high school math


For additional information about program impaction, click here.