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What is Impaction?

Program impaction (or major impaction) occurs when the number of applications from students to a designated major on a CSU campus during the initial filing period far exceeds the number of spaces available in that major.

While there are many factors that can cause the impaction of a major, in general, it is caused by the popularity of a program increasing while the number of spaces in a program must remain constant or cannot keep pace with the rising number of applications.

How Does Impaction Affect the Admission Process?

Since not all on-time applicants meeting CSU eligibility can be admitted, the admission process for an impacted program becomes competitive. The level of competition depends on the number applying to a major and the academic strength of the applicants.

Various types of sorting and enhanced application factors may be considered by the campus:

  • High school and lower division transfer applicants can be sorted or prioritized based on:
    • Grade point average from A-G courses in grades 10-12 including enhancements for accelerated courses such as honors, AP, IB, college courses while in high school.
    • Math grade point average in grades 9-12
    • The number of math courses taken beyond the algebra II level
    • The CSU Eligibility Index (combining both grade point average and a multi-factor review)
  • Lower-division transfers, upper-division transfers, and second degree applicants can be sorted or prioritized based on:
    • College GPA
    • The number of units making up the college GPA
    • The number of pre-requisite courses completed (for programs with transfer pre-requisite courses)
  • The application evaluation process may go beyond meeting basic CSU eligibility requirements.
    • Specific high school course(s) may be added as an admission requirement for applicants in the category of "first-time freshmen" or "lower-division transfer"
    • Specific college course(s) may be added as an admission requirement for applicants in the category of "upper-division transfer"
    • A subjective review process incorporating factors such as extra-curricular activity, academic achievement, or life experience may be considered
  • A student residing in a CSU campus' Local Admission Area may also be considered in an impacted admission process.  Cal Maritime's Local Admission Area is the county in which we are located, Solano County.

Any enhanced admission recommendations or requirements are clearly stated on our impaction webpage.