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Dr. Colin Dewey, English, Culture and Communication (page)

Dr. Alex Parker, Oceanography, Sciences and Mathematics (email) 

Dr. Steven Runyon, Chemistry, Sciences and Mathematics (email)

Dr. Elizabeth "Bets" Mc Nie, Environmental Studies, Marine Transportation (email)

What is the California Maritime Ocean Initiative?

The Cal Maritime Ocean Initiative (CMOI) was launched during summer 2014 with the goal of improving ocean literacy on our campus and to establish Cal Maritime as the leader in OL education among the US Maritime Colleges. A lack of ocean literacy among the American public has been identified by the Pew Ocean Commission and the US Congressional Ocean Commission as a major impediment to the establishment of a comprehensive national ocean policy.

Since then, the CMOI has grown into a multi-disciplinary working group on ocean and environmental studies across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Unique to Cal Maritime is the fact that our academic working group maintains a close connection between faculty with interests in literature, ecocriticism, cultural studies and critical theory, ocean scientists and maritime practitioners with years of experience operating ships and boats at sea. Coupling theoretical expertise with hands-on "know-how" is the hallmark of the maritime university and informs our everyday teaching strategies as well as research projects. 

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