Unity Council

Cal Maritime is inextricably linked to a mutually dependent, multicultural global maritime community. As an institution devoted to excellence in education, we acknowledge our special responsibility to "walk the talk" and to teach our cadets the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen profession. Our graduates' ability to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints will be a direct reflection of our culturally rich and dynamic learning environment.

To achieve this goal, our faculty and staff promote welcoming, respectful, and ethical behavior in every aspect of our community life. We expect everyone to respect the inherent dignity of others. We recruit and retain students, faculty and staff of increasingly diverse backgrounds. We understand and value each individual's unique contributions to society. We challenge stereotypes and advance a mature and thoughtful global perspective.

Civility, respect, creativity and collaboration naturally flow from a culture that values diversity. Through our collective behavior, the Cal Maritime campus community will continue to build and sustain this culture of global awareness through intellectual learning and leadership development to forge the bonds of common understanding essential to our nation's future.  

Contact Us at unitycouncil@csum.edu