Here are some things to remember when checking-out of your residence hall room. You will need to make an appointment with your RHO to check-out.

To Do List for Check-Out:

  • Windows closed and locked
  • All trash removed and thrown in dumpster or recycling bin
  • Wipe all furniture clean
  • Heat and lights turned off
  • Floor swept and mopped
  • All personal items removed from room
  • Blinds down
  • Dispose of unwanted items in appropriate areas
  • Defrost, clean, and leave door open to microfridges
  • Room locked and key returned (if permanently checking out)
  • If you are not returning to Cal Maritime or are granted off-campus status, please be sure you return your mailbox key to the Office of Housing & Residential Life prior to checking out of your room


The Housing Staff will be inspecting all rooms as part of your check-out appointment.  Charges will be assessed if the room is not clean, if there are damages in the room and to the furniture in the room, or if it is missing. Charges will be assessed if the key for the room is not returned. Please help us out, and complete this check list before you leave. Room Lock change: $80, Mailbox change: $25, Improper Check Out: $50. Other damage costs as defined by Cal Maritime and its constituents. 

If you wish to remain in your residence hall room after the halls officially close for,summer break, you can fill out the Late Stay Request Form. Late Stay Request Forms will be available late Spring semester.