ATTENTION:  Please be aware that the TSGB is within an industrial safety area.  Proper shoes must be worn on the pier and on the ship at all times.  Flip flops, sandals (without a back strap), clogs or high heel shoes are not authorized for wear onboard the ship. 

This program, which was developed in 2009, allows incoming students in the Marine Transportation and Engineering Majors to enhance their learning experience.  Each incoming student within one of these majors will be required to live on the Training Ship Golden Bear (TSGB) for 1 semester of their 1st year at Cal Maritime.

The First Year Shipboard Living-Learning program helps develop a familiarization onboard the TSGB for all cruise required students.  These classes have been developed by the TSGB officers and Professors in the specific major.  This will allows for the students going on the TSGB cruise during their 1st summer to be well prepared and to be familiar with TSGB as a whole. Residence Hall Officers aboard TSGB also provide specialize programming to support ship familiarization. Programs include but are not limited to ship tours, pre-cruise briefings, systems tours, etc.

Due to the fact that TSGB is a working vessel, supplemental policies exist which all students living aboard are expected to follow. Examples of supplemental policies include but are not limited to:

  • No overnight guests for first year students
  • Weekly room inspections
  • No guests during secure watch periods (breaks & three day weekends)

Please read the PDF below for a complete list of supplemental policies.

Training Ship Golden Bear Residential Policy Sheet