If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member:

Office of Residence Life Front Office (Mon - Fri / 8am - 8pm)
General inquires should to the housing office email/phone.  This includes questions about: room assingments; room transfers; off campus process; end of semester/year closing process and other general Housing and Residence Life functions. 

Office Location: Upper Residence Hall 1st Floor
Phone: (707) 654-1400
Email: housing@csum.edu


Housing and Residence Life Professional Staff
Please reach out to the approprate staff member based on your assigned residence hall (for cadets) or most appropriate for your inquiry. 

Lennon Prothro-Jones
Director of Residence Life
Email: lprothro-jones@csum.edu

Malinda Balfour
Lead Residence Life Coordinator
Email: mbalfour@csum.edu

Miranda Galang
Residence Life Coordinator (Maritime North / McAllister)
Email: mgalang@csum.edu 

Matthew Donovan
Residence Life Coordinator (Upper Residence Hall)
Email: mdonovan@csum.edu

Jimmy Moore
Commandant in Residence (Lower Residence Hall)
Email: jkmoore@csum.edu 

Maddy Dack
Cadet Housing Director (cadet staff member)
Email: shd@csum.edu


Residence Hall Officers 

Cal Maritime has a total of 24 paraprofessional cadet staff who assist with the facilitation of our Residence Life program.

There are 23 Residence Hall Officers (RHOs) and 1 Cadet Housing Director (CHD).  Each RHO is in charge of a section of the hall and the residents that live in their area.  The RHOs help all students adapt to living on campus here at Cal Maritime through programming, floor meetings and being accessible to their residents.  Residence Hall Officers are on call 24/7 during the academic year.