Eligible faculty and staff may take courses to enhance their performance in their current position or to acquire additional skills needed to perform newly-assigned duties and responsibilities. Courses are taken for credit and will be posted to the student's official transcript.

Job-related courses are not intended for degree-seeking students. If you are working toward a degree, you must apply for admission to the university via Cal State Apply. Note, however, that you may use the job-related fee waiver to take prerequisite courses for a degree program to which you intend to apply. You may transfer up to 24 job-related units toward an undergraduate degree and up to 9 units for graduate programs.

Participants in the job-related fee waiver must submit an application each semester in order to be term-activated for registration. Please submit your Tuition Fee Waiver Job-Related Application (.pdf) to fee-waiver@sjsu.edu as soon as you know which course(s) you'd like to enroll in. Courses listed on your job-related application will be reviewed to determine their applicability.

At the appropriate administrator's discretion, State time may be used to take one on-campus class per semester (except Unit 8) as long as the operational needs of the unit are met. The appropriate administrator may also adjust the employee's schedule to accommodate class attendance or may require that classes to be taken during non-work hours.

All employees/eligible dependents taking graduate courses under Job-Related are subject to Taxation.