Spyware (Malware)

Malware (often called Spyware) is known to cause a variety of strange behaviors manifest in many computer applications. 

Examples of Spyware Symptoms:

  • You attempt to access Cal Maritime's home page and get a "You Are Not Authorized to View This Page" error.
  • You attempt to access tany webpage but you get redirected to a search page.
  • Browser Hijacking occurs when you attempt to reach a particular page and you are redirected somewhere else. Another symptom is when your default browser home page gets changed without your knowledge.
  • Excessive popup advertising windows.
  • The computer runs increasingly slower or seems bogged down when online, especially

    Try Malwarebytes to disinfect your personal computer.
    Cal Maritime uses Bitdefender on the campus computers and Bitdefender's free version is good to use on your personal device as well.