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Welcome to the School of Maritime Transportation, Logistics, & Management (MTLM) at Cal Maritime! Our school is unique by providing a very focused curriculum in either marine transportation or logistics. We are unlike other universities in California and the United States. We revel in our efforts to develop high quality, professional leaders in both the maritime and supply chain industries throughout the world. We develop students to see patterns and trends; to identify opportunities; and effectively communicate how to get there. 
As a previous corporate leader and now as Dean of the MTLM, I remain committed to helping my faculty develop education programs to further develop your skills as a professional leader. Whether your goal is to one day be the captain of the largest container ship in the world or to become the Vice President of Supply Chain for a global conglomerate, our hands-on approach to education will help serve you. 
As a Cadet in the MTLM, you will take courses that will shape your perspective of a global economy; you will learn to effectively communicate both orally and written; and you will learn to think "outside of the box", learning to create and enhance critical thinking skills. You will also take courses that will engage both your mind and hands. Using state of the art simulators and being involved with industry, your knowledge and skills will help you earn a full-time position upon graduation – and not just a "job", but a career in your chosen field of study. 
Having worked for organizations such as FedEx, Penske Logistics, and Monsanto, I know all too well the benefit of combining classroom education with experiential learning based assessments. Managing global supply chains demands leadership, patience, superior communication skills, motivating others to rise above, and coordinating multiple projects at one time. It is my professional goal to help students develop their professional voice and position in our global economy. 
The MTLM is at the beginning stage of a number of new and innovative projects that will all help our students develop who they are. Remember, we are a unique institution. All of our students are members in the Corps of Cadets; all of our students wear uniforms each day; we wake up early to attend formation; and all students stand watch, based on their chosen major. While some may consider this all to be a burden, we see such activities as helping to define who we are as Cadets, as Keelhauler's, and as professional leaders. If you are ready for a challenge beyond a typical college experience found at other universities, then I welcome you to join us and be a part of the MTLM family. 
I am always here to help our students and potential new students. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions about the MTLM, Cal Maritime, maritime or supply chain industries, or if you just have questions about being in college. As a first-generation college student myself, I know what is possible when we ask questions and we challenge ourselves. 


Don Maier

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