Book Circle event, Converse & Connect, will be held Tuesday February 23rd at 4pm where you can join us to discuss The Book of Delights: Essays by Ross Gay. This is a virtual book circle for faculty and staff designed to meet and share our thoughts and experiences with one another about a book, chosen for its broad appeal and timely perspective. Below are details about the event, the book, and how to obtain a leased copy (hard copy or E-book). If you have any questions please reach out to Dr. Ian Wallace ( and I hope to see you there.


Resiliency Project Book Circle

When: Tuesday, February 23, 4pm-5pm

Zoom in @

Facilitator: Ian Wallace, CAPS Counselor

Leased copies available at the Campus Library, Email to arrange pick up:

E-book (no cost) available here for Cal Maritime faculty/staff


About the Book, The Book of Delights: Essays by Ross Gay

Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights is a genre-defying book of essays—some as short as a paragraph; some as long as five pages—that record the small joys that occurred in one year, from birthday to birthday, and that we often overlook in our busy lives. His is a meditation on delight that takes a clear-eyed view of the complexities, even the terrors, in his life, including living in America as a black man; the ecological and psychic violence of our consumer culture; the loss of those he loves. Among Gay’s funny, poetic, philosophical delights: the way Botan Rice Candy wrappers melt in your mouth, the volunteer crossing guard with a pronounced tremor whom he imagines as a kind of boat-woman escorting pedestrians across the River Styx, a friend’s unabashed use of air quotes, pickup basketball games, the silent nod of acknowledgment between black people. And more than any other subject, Gay celebrates the beauty of the natural world—his garden, the flowers in the sidewalk, the birds, the bees, the mushrooms, the trees.