Information fo Current LSAMP participants

Check this site for updated LSAMP information throughout the year

LSAMP Opportunities for summer research, graduate school programs and other support

Click on the link below to explore the latest announced opportunities for LSAMP members:

     LSAMP Reserach and graduate school announcements (updated Aug. 2019)

LSAMP Library STEM textbook reserves

LSAMP members may borrow textbooks for a semseter reserve on a first-come basis.  See the link below for a list of those available:

     LSAMP Library Reserves List (updated Feb. 2019)

If you would like a textbook to be added to this list, or have a textbook for donation to the collection, please contact the LSAMP program coordinators.


Academic Master Plan for the current year

After admission to LSAMP, participants must meet with a program coordinator to formulate an Academic Master Plan for that school year.  The link below will provide more information on setting up your Academic Master Plan:

     LSAMP Academic Plan Guidelines

Appointments will be scheduled in the Fall semseter, and exit interviews will be conducted near the end of the Spring semester.


Travel support for student presentations and participation in reserach conferences, professional society associations, and other STEM related meetings and conferences

Speak to the coordinators as soon as possible to discuss the funding options available as LSAMP members.

Calculator loan program

LSAMP members have access to a number of graphing calculator options for loan throughout the academic year.  Please contact the coordinators to fill out a form and check out a calculator.

Laptops for LSAMP members

If you need the use of a laptop, we have a few Windows and Mac laptops available, but supply is limited.  Contact the coordinators to see what is available.

Course material reimbursement

Save your receipts for material purchases (textbooks, student software licenses, on-line homwork access codes, etc.) related to STEM coursework for possible reimbursement.  Contact the coordinators to fill out a form and submit your material costs lists.  LSAMP members are encouraged to do this early in both the Fall and Spring semesters.