Peer Learning Support

Tutoring Services provides free peer learning support to help cadets develop content area competency, confidence, self-efficacy, and practical skills in the following subjects:

Business Administration
Electrical Circuits/Electronics
Engineering Technology
Global Studies & Maritime Affairs

Marine Transportation
Mechanical Engineering
Statistics (RStudio)

Tutoring Appointments

In lieu of drop-in center hours, cadets may schedule one-hour in-person and fully online appointments with tutors at mutually convenient times and on-campus locations.

Note: Cadets and tutors must observe health and safety guidelines during in-person appointments, including masking and social distancing.

How to Request Appointments

The Passport (Desktop Version)

1. Visit The Passport student portal
2. Select Schedule an Appointment
3. Select Tutoring Appointment
4. Choose subject
5. Choose location
6. Choose tutor, date, and time
7. Review and confirm appointment

Passport Navigate (Mobile App)

1. Download Passport Navigate to your device
2. In the app, select Appointments
3. Select Tutoring
4. Choose subject, date, and time
5. Select Confirm Appointment

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Select lower-division courses with historically high difficulty offer group study sessions facilitated by specially trained SI Leaders to improve cadet learning and retention.

SI Leaders attend one section of the courses they support to provide in-class support
and assess areas of greatest difficulty to review during group study sessions.

Sessions consist of reviewing materials and notes, guided practice activities, and test
preparation. Regular participation often results in improved grades.

Spring 2022 Supported Courses 

OCN 110

OCN 210

OCN 350

Check the Passport for availability

Embedded Tutoring

The following course and laboratory sections offer direct in-class support to assist faculty members with moderating discussions and activities.

Spring 2022 Supported Courses

Writing Tutoring

Writing tutors will provide cadets helpful suggestions to conceptualize, draft, and revise
content to meet stated expectations of their essay and other writing assignments.

Faculty assigning research essays may invite writing tutors to provide in-class support
at select times during the semester. We recommend cadets produce outlines and
working drafts in preparation for this support.

Note: To maintain cadets' ownership of ideas, writing tutors will not proofread/edit
cadets' writing or produce writing on their cadets' behalf or guarantee grades.


Future Tutors & SI Leaders

Interested in tutoring? Complete the online Cal Maritime Tutoring Services Application (only current cadets enrolled full-time eligible for consideration).

Minimum Qualifications

  • Demonstrated content area knowledge with minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Successful completion of all courses supported with minimum B+ grade
  • Positive faculty recommendations for each subject/course supported
  • SI Leaders: Availability to regularly attend all courses supported