Tutoring Services provides free, comprehensive, and peer-led support for the academic subjects offered at Cal Maritime, including multiple laboratory courses.

Tutoring helps cadets develop competency, confidence, and self-efficacy through interactive discussions with knowledgeable, trained peer tutors.

Presently, cadets may receive academic support for courses in the following subject areas:

Business Administration
Engineering Technology
Global Studies & Maritime Affairs

Marine Transportation
Mechanical Engineering

Virtual Tutoring Appointments

In Spring 2020, Tutoring Services transitioned to entirely online appointments to ensure safe social distancing amid the then-emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Services will remain fully virtual during Fall 2020.

In lieu of drop-in center hours, cadets may schedule one-hour individual and group Zoom sessions via The Passport (most subjects supported up to seven days per week).

Basic Instructions for Requesting Appointments

Passport Navigate (Mobile App)
1. Select Appointments
2. Select Tutoring
3. Choose subject
4. Choose date and time
5. Select Confirm Appointment

The Passport (Desktop Version)
1. Select Schedule an Appointment
2. Select Tutoring Appointment
3. Choose subject
4. Choose location (select Student Engagement & Academic Support)
5. Choose tutor, date, and time
6. Review and confirm appointment

Writing Tutoring

Writing tutors will provide cadets helpful suggestions to conceptualize, draft, and revise content to meet the expectations of essay and other writing assignments.

To maintain cadets' ownership of ideas and efforts, tutors will not proofread or copyedit cadets' writing or guarantee grades.

Future Tutors

Cadets interested in tutoring may complete the Cal Maritime Tutor Application and must receive positive faculty recommendations for consideration.