The Annual Fund is the University's annual giving program specifically created to build a bridge between a good education and a great education. The fund allows the university to go above and beyond – to fill the gap between state funds and the true cost of higher education. Contributions from alumni, parents, faculty, and other supporters are combined to provide the university with its greatest source of unrestricted funds and the flexibility required to respond to immediate academic needs. For students and faculty, this will mean extra funding for things such as attending academic and industry conferences and competitions, the ability to purchase specialized equipment and computer programs, stipends to hire needed assistants and professional development. Grants of $500 or less will be disbursed to students, faculty, and staff.

Greatest Need

Provides university leadership with the flexibility to prioritize the needs of our students, award financial aid, take advantage of arising opportunities, and react to unforeseen challenges. Unrestricted gifts often are used to fulfill needs that arise quickly; others are used to strengthen ongoing programs; all advance the University’s mission.

President’s Fund for Excellence

Enables the President of Cal Maritime to financially back targeted initiatives for state-of-the-art instruction, to pursue emerging opportunities, seek innovation, and support student, faculty and staff excellence. In an ever- changing environment of higher education, the Fund makes available critical resources to address immediate priorities.

Academic Programs

Provides the provost and academic deans with the resources they need to enhance the cadet educational experience and increase the intellectual vitality of the university, in turn promoting career-readiness and heightened value to future employers.


The guiding philosophy of Keelhauler Athletics is to provide our nearly 300 scholar-athletes with a world-class experience beyond the classroom. Whether on the field, on the water, or on the court we strive to compete at the highest athletic levels. The individual development of our scholar-athletes and ensuring their success remains our top priority

Campus Enhancements

A beautiful, well-managed campus reflects pride, serves and supports the university’s aspirations and objectives, makes a lasting impression, and augments the quality of life for all who live, learn and work here.

Faculty Development

Faculty development support enhances the school’s intellectual life by promoting faculty research and professional development, particularly in situations when budgets are insufficient to underwrite faculty-led activities.


Allows us to welcome highly motivated students to our campus and can often mean the difference between a young person attending the Academy or not going to college at all. Scholarships are vital to making a Cal Maritime education accessible to a greater number of qualified students and to providing ongoing support to returning students. Each year, over 150 scholarships funded through the California Maritime Academy Foundation award in excess of $400,000.

Student Life

Our Division of Student Affairs enhances the experiences of cadets both in and outside the classroom by promoting personal wellness, intellectual development and emotional growth. Donations supports undergraduates in their efforts to contribute to our university culture and advance their chosen academic and professional goals.