Sustainability Projects at CSU Maritime Academy

Coming Spring 2023: CALFIRE | Grant deadline March 15
Why a CALFIRE grant writing opportunity for Cal Maritime?

"In prior years, a recognition of the three-year anniversary of the Glen Cove Fire. The fire on October 27, 2019, had a significant impact on our campus and has changed it forever. Our campus and our community came together during the incident and in the days and weeks that followed. We will gather to acknowledge this campus-altering fire event and those who helped save and rebuild the campus by once again engaging in the annual bridge walk."


Project benefits to Cal Maritime’s campus

  • academically focused grant
  • more infrastructure; ground streamlined within our department
  • ultimate goal of fire prevention clearing hillside, bush or trees

Elements from prior year proposals

  • Provide wishlist for the campus ($3.5million)
    • Focus on hazardous tree removal
    • GPS track all trees
    • Give health assessment and cost per tree
    • Invasive species to prevent fires
    • Identify priority location
  • Cost estimates and details within SOW
    • Gallons of water being affected, saving costs
    • Systematic approach: drought tolerant
    • Appropriate grant for tree planting
    • Water tank trapper
Coming Fall2023: BAAQMD| Grant deadline April
Why a BAAQMD grant writing opportunity for Cal Maritime?

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is a public agency that regulates the stationary sources of air pollution in the nine counties of California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Elements from prior year proposals

  • Breaks along the I-80 freeway corridor
  • Existing operations must be functional and show ownership
    • Specific type of equipment
    • Monthly report
    • Log of conditions
  • During the fire, we lost vital equipment
    • Skidsteer
    • Tractor
    • Street sweeper
    • Vehicles - trucks


How do I get involved with the grant writing project? Contact:

Institutional Grant Writer, Andrew Balmat <> and/or

Coordinator for Energy & Sustainability, Riz Aliga <>