Cadet proudly displaying large fish

This morning we were met by cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. Last night’s BBQ went well, with many of the cadets out enjoying the sun and cool breeze. On our starboard side there was a bright rainbow.

The green deck is now the blue and yellow deck. It was repainted to match the esprit de corps of the rest of the vessel and the campus colors. Cadets were also cleaning some of the white paint and preparing the bulkheads for new murals. In the coming days new murals will be painted.

Out on the fantail another class of cadets were learning firefighting. They were split into two teams and had to work with the hoses. It is important that they know how to fight fires on a ship since there is no help when out at sea.

Fishing is one of the activities that many on the Bear enjoy. This morning a few cadets were seen on the fantail with their lines out. Two decent sized fish were pulled from the water. This gives them the chance to relax and have some fun.

One of the events that occurred this evening was the talent show, cadets and staff came out to show off their skills, be it dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument. One of the performances was from Joey Simone, who sang a sea shanty. It was very impressive and he ended up winning the talent show.

Cadet dancing at talent show

Cadet singing at talent show

With the night ending everyone was inside the house and realized we will be 10 days away from home. Cadets are busy spending time doing their final projects and preparing for their exams.

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