Last night was the final night of the Sinbad Games. Two of the events were the Bucket Brigade and the Litter Race. Both looked challenging, yet fun. One of the other events was a mystery food eating challenge. I don’t know how they could eat food blindfolded but they did. That event must have taken a lot of guts to do. That said the results are still pending and I have a feeling anyone could have won.

Sinbad games

Cadets blindfolded

This morning we were met with heavy seas and gale force winds. It made for an interesting morning to say the least, cadets and staff were having some difficulty walking throughout the Bear. Hopefully it will pass within a day or so. It is amazing how the weather can change within a few hours out here.

Even with the weather being as wild as it is, cadets were still out on deck doing day work as needed, most were behind the protection of the forward house. They were seen grinding and chipping old paint from the railings, they are preparing it to be painted.

Cadets chipping paint


In the engine room there was a lot going on, some of the cadets were busy on the engine preparing it for a light off. This is where they switch to the other engine. Some cadets were lower working near the bilge pumps.

Up on the bridge the cadets were diligently at work, being observed by the watch officers who are available for questions at any time, they successfully sailed the Bear through the rough seas. Seeing the pitching and rolling of the ship nearly 50 feet off the waterline is very surreal, it seems as if the rolls are even more dramatic the higher up you are.

Cadets on bridge

Cadet Ipema

We are just days away from home and everyone is looking forward to it. We have weathered the more aggressive seas better than we did on the first day of our journey.

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