We are within the EEZ again. This morning we were met with some sparse showers and some cloudy weather. The skies cleared up around noon and made for a beautiful day.

Out on deck some of the day workers were seen greasing a wire on the crane at the midship section of the Bear. Due to the deck being wet chipping, grinding, and repainting had to wait. Other deck cadets were again practicing with mooring lines. This group is a new group of cadets, the deck divisions are on 4-day rotations. This is to maximize the amount of class time each division will receive.

Cadet with rope

Cadet with telephone

In the engine room the cadets were busy at work. They were preparing to light off one of the engines, this is good practice for the cadets since it allows them to learn the process. Other engine cadets were busy tightening and checking valves and cleaning the engine room. The heat coming from the space makes it difficult work. Occasionally, you could see a few of the cadets take a moment to find a spot and cool off.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing land once again. We are all excited to see what our adventure has to offer when we are piloting through the islands. There are some very exciting historic sites and some stunning coastlines we will see soon.

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