Today we arrived in the Hawaiian Islands! Many of the cadets were seen out on deck this morning searching for cell signal so they could call their loved ones. Seeing the cliffs on the island is amazing and watching the waves crash and break is something that not many have seen. Later in the afternoon we sailed past dozens of waterfall, some of which were hundreds of feet up. We were also met by dolphins who wanted to swim along side. For most of our trip we will be within 12 miles of the baseline, this means we will take extra precautions to ensure nothing goes over the side.


Cadet navigating

Cadet with thumbs up


Out on deck many of the cadets were seen repainting the fantail. The process takes time but will help ensure the longevity of the metal underneath. Other deck cadets were seen working on canvas bags on deck. They were enjoying some soft music, the views, and working hard on their projects.

After lunch today we had our weekly fire and emergency drill. Today’s drill had a simulated fire in lower berthing. During this simulated fire there were simulated injuries. This provides great training for both the fireteams and the medical evacuation teams to practice extraction from close quarters. After the drill we pivoted to an abandon ship drill.

Spirits are high since we have arrived in Hawaii. Everyone is looking forward to what is ahead. Hopefully everyone takes advantage of the calm seas to enjoy time out on deck.

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