Today we continued our journey past the lush Island of Molokai and the North Shore of Oahu. Tomorrow morning, we should be sailing past Kauai.

Island in the middle of the ocean

Out on deck the cadets had their painting work inspected by the Chief mate. The entirety of the fan tail was repainted and nonskid was applied to the deck. The process is time consuming, but the fantail looks great now. Four decks above the fantail, the patio deck is getting prepared for a new coat of paint. The cadets were busy up there chipping the old paint, taking extra precautions to make sure paint chips don’t go into the pristine waters.

Cadets scraping paint


Other deck cadets were busy learning how to use block and tackle. Watching these cadets figure out the most efficient way to tie it off is interesting since they all have different ideas on what will work best. Once tied off they moved a bucket of water, the fastest time was about 30 seconds.

As we cross a 57nm gap between Oahu and Kauai, we are reminded how vast the ocean is. In the middle of this crossing you cannot see either island.

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