View of ocean from starboard side on TSGBToday was our third day underway and we are finally getting into the swing of things. Like always, the work day began at 0800. Thankfully, the weather broke last evening and since then we’ve been sailing under beautiful blue skies with some clouds in the distance. The cool breeze is very pleasant and it makes for a perfect break for a few minutes.

This morning we set back the clocks by one hour. We do this so we can be prepared for our arrival in Hawaii as we slowly acclimate to the new time zone.  We will do this two more times in the coming days. It is easier falling back an hour than it will be jumping forward. When we start heading east the leap forward will be a rude awakening for a lot of us; extra coffee and early bed times will be more common.

Today the deckies took advantage of the beautiful weather and did a lot of practical training. One of these evolutions was to learn about the proper use, storage, and how to don an immersion suit. The required time to don them and be ready to evacuate is less than 2 minutes. One cadet managed to complete the task in less than 50 seconds.

After that, the majority of the deck side cadets went back to work on either day work or their practical trainings. Some were sent to check on the fire dampeners while others learned more line handling. Throughout the day there is a lot to do but with a lot of hard work and supervision of the instructors and mates it is getting done.

Cadets fix hand dryer

Cadets Dack, Mendoza, and Van Scherrenburg fixing a hand dryer in the head.

As our third day crossing the Pacific draws to an end we are looking forward to when the weather changes. Unfortunately, there is still is no update on if we can get off in Hawaii. I have a feeling that if we can there will be a lot of excitement throughout the ship.

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