Sunset from starboard sideWe have been away from campus for a week now and everyone has gotten acclimated to their new home. It seems like everyone is in good spirits as we get closer to our tropical destination. Last night there were a lot of activities throughout the ship, with some cadets were seen fishing on the fantail, while others were up on the helo deck enjoying the sunset and listening to some live music. The sunset last night was probably one of the best so far. Thankfully for us the water has continued to be glassy smooth.

Deep down in the warm engine room, the engineers were busy at work. This morning they were conducting oil transfers, having briefings on taking on fuel, and taking soundings of oil levels throughout the space. Without their work the ship could not run.

Cadet in engine room

Cadet Kostrukoff in the Engine Room.

Cadets doing oil soundings

Cadets Dack and Whitney doing oil soundings.

Cadets in EOS

Cadets Lawler, Wang, and Jefferson in the EOS.


Cadets Mobley, Linden, Rosenblad, and Cadet Chief Engineer Jacobsen.

In their off time, some cadets were on the fantail -- fishing. Cadet Douglas caught the first one of cruise. This was a huge morale boost for all.

As our fourth day heading towards Hawaii comes to a close we took look back at where we were over a year ago. A lot of us thought that it might not be  possible, but we are fortunate that we are able to go to sea. We are looking forward to whatever happens when we get to Hawaii.

Cadets fishing off fantail

Cadets fishing off the fantail.

Cadets smiling together

Cadets Merrill, Evans, Van Scherrenburg, and one unidentified cadet.

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