We've arrived in the Hawaiian Islands! Last night we were able to have cell service and a lot of cadets were seen on deck trying to find a signal. Cadets and crew were calling their families and checking their messages. We are all thankful that we can see land.

On deck there was a lot of activity, with cadets were preparing to put down fresh paint near the quarterdeck. Others were taking soundings of the salt water ballast. Some were discussing anchor drop options with the Chief Mate.

Salt water ballast

Cadet Connolly being shown by 2nd Mate Seleska where a salt water ballast cover is.

Three cadets spot land

Cadets catching the view of Honolulu.

Cadet Vargas
Cadet Vargas

Cadets are excited to be in Hawaii with Cadet Vargas summing it up this way: “Seeing land after 10 days at sea is amazing.” Morale is at an all-time high, especially with everyone being so close to land. We’re looking forward to having liberty in Honolulu in a little over a week.

Seeing the lights of Maui last night was something special. Looking at lighthouses off in the distance bringing us in made me think of my grandmother and her love of lighthouses. We all are excited to be here and see Honolulu from the ship. We will be sailing around for a while longer now and will be in port soon.

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