Today we did a partial crew swap, with Dr. Oliver and Dr. Miller going ashore as we picked up new medical staff, Dr. Clemons and Dr. Smith. Thank you for being with us! Then we departed Honolulu and continued our journey towards the area in which we will be doing the underway training. It starts tomorrow and everyone is looking forward to these next three days. For the cadets it will be a busy stretch. Once complete we will be heading back to Honolulu for some well deserved rest.

Doctors leaving TSGB

Dr. Miller and Dr. Oliver departing TSGB.

Fast Rescue Boat 10 with the new doctors

Fast Rescue Boat 10 with the new doctors.

On deck there were some practical fire response training, with one cadet acting as the captain and one acting as the chief mate. Even though they weren’t in their full turn out fire gear they still learned a lot when it came to communication skills and how to respond. Later in the day there was some practical lessons around how to patch a hole in the ship. This is important since damage control must be taken seriously and be done quickly to avoid a leak and ensuing complications.

Cadet Bardin

Cadet Bardin

Cadet Kopping

Cadet Kopping

A few engineers were seen on deck taking fuel oil soundings prior to transferring the fuel to a different tank. Some engineers were seen in the library looking for a schematic for breaker. They were doing this to find the proper breaker to shut off. Other engineers were deep in the warm engine room doing the important tasks to ensure we have power.

Cadets looking for wiring

Cadets Lawler, Levin-Fay, and Fernandez looking  for wiring.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for everyone, there will be a lot of high intensity work going on. Without a doubt cadets and crew will be tired afterward. Stay tuned the next couple of days to see some of the excitement.

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