Today we started underway training! It consisted of a lot of fast rescue boat drills. The looks on the cadets faces as they came back was that of pure joy. However, at around 1040 today we had to postpone underway training for some emergency repairs in the engine room. As disappointed as some cadets were, we are still looking forward to what happens in the next few days.

There was a lot that happened when the small boat was out. They would lower the boat, disengage the line from the davit, and powered away from the ship. They would then sail out to a buoy and sail back. As they were doing that the Bear would hold a starboard turn and would wait until the small boat came back. Once back they would reattach and swap out cadets.

Fast rescue boat

3rd Mate Flynn and Cadet Bowman

3rd Mate Flynn and Cadet Bowman.

Cadet Gilmore

Cadet Gilmore

Even though we had to cancel training for the day, there was still a lot to be done. In the engine room the cadets and staff were busy at work trying to repair the broken parts. This process took some time. It should be done by the end of the day.

After lunch there was a lot to be done on ship. The deckies that were going to have underway training swapped tasks and started day work again. Some were on deck painting again and finishing up the final touches. Others started more practical training, learning a lot of valuable skills they will take with them out in the fleet.

Even though we did not have much of a chance to conduct training we are looking forward to doing it tomorrow. Lastly Mrs. Core would like to wish her father a Happy Birthday!

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