We continue our journey south towards Long Beach, we are sailing at roughly 9 KNTs. So far the seas are stable with some light rolls every once in a while. Formation was at 0720 today and the cadets were given their briefings on what their divisions will be doing that day. Cadets are slowly getting used to life on ship, some got sea sick while other haven’t felt anything.

Cadets learning line handleCadets begin their respective class and day work. For many of the underclassmen this will be their first time at sea, and everyone can tell how excited they are. For those seniors who are on board, the crew can see that they are excited to continue their educations prior to heading off into the fleet.

Some of the deck department did a forward to aft salt/fresh water sweep of all the weather decks. This was to ensure that they are looking nice and are free of dirt and other things. They started around noon and finished this task around 1430.

Some cadets were in the engineering library looking up some of the manuals so they knew what to do and where to go.

The ship’s store, Pirates Cove will open up today from 1700-1900 and a lot of the cadets are really looking forward to it.

We are about 250 nm from Long Beach and our approximate arrival time is 1200-1230 on Sunday June 6. Everyone on board is excited to be in Long Beach for a day or so. When we get there we will be at anchorage, when there we will have propeller cleaning and an underwater inspection of the hull. Once that is complete we will be headed towards Hawaii. I know a lot of the cadets, faculty, and staff are eager to be in the nice tropical sun.

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