Deck cadets waxing floorWhen the cadets and crew woke up this morning they were met with some very slow and peaceful rolling on the ship. There has been some light rain throughout the morning which made some of the day work on deck difficult. However there still was a lot to do throughout the ship. In the passageways there was a lot of activity. Near the galley there were cadets waxing the floors.

Today we are setting the clocks back an hour so we can slowly begin to adjust to the time change in Hawaii. We will be going from +7 to +8. Some of the cadets have started to organize events in the evenings so they can have something to do instead of being in the berthing spaces. A lot of the cadets are looking forward to the events.

Cadet Giraudo preparing watermelonPrior to lunch the galley crew and some of their cadet assistants were preparing what was going to be put out. The galley is always busy with people trying to get the next meal ready for us to sit and enjoy.

After lunch there was still a lot to do prior to our arrival in Hawaii. With all the work, the cadets and crew are constantly staying busy.

Today we also had one of our fire and emergency drills, along with the abandon ship drills. We do these weekly to help ensure that in the event of an actual emergency we will be prepared.

Cadet checking manhole cover

Cadet Petron checking manhole cover.

Chart class

Chart class in Classroom Ericcson.

Once the classes and day work are secured everyone goes off to their own things, some go on watch, others study what they learned that day in preparation for their exams in the following days, some even try to fish off the fantail, and others get some well needed sleep.        

As our second day crossing the Pacific comes to an end we look forward to what lays ahead. Hopefully, we will be out of this rainy weather in a day or so. We are still waiting to see whether we can get off in Hawaii butif not we know that we’ll be soaking in the sun and the views.

Calm pacific ocean

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