Cruise 2023 - Journey to the Golden Shellback, Pt. II: The Sinbad Games

Once the scavenger hunt for Davey Jones and King Neptune began, the Sinbad Games had officially kicked off for the day. It was a jam packed, day-long event that truly tested the camaraderie and teamwork of the cadets and their divisions. As many of you know, cadets are split into divisions for the academic year as well as cruise. There are four deck divisions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D) and four engine divisions (1E, 2E, 3E, 4E).

The Sinbad Games are kind of like the TSGB Cruise Olympics - with the purpose being to test the knowledge, skill, and seamanship of the cadets. Divisions began prepping for these events weeks in advance, choosing who will participate in each event to represent their division (like the Golden Shellback ceremony - participation is not required). The main events included the Scavenger Hunt, Boiler Suit Hydro Test, Corn Hole, Plumber's Nightmare, Speed Shackle Puzzle, Knot Tying, Hawser Toss, Stretcher Carry, Triathlon, Push-up Plank-off, and Bucket Brigade. The energy during these events was truly electrifying. Crowds gathered to watch the teams perform their tasks. Mashals stood by to judge the events, keep time and score, and ensure the safety of the cadets. Everyone in attendance had a blast and each division made it through the challenges safely. 

Plumber's Nightmare

Plumber's Nightmare: Cadets must use anything at their disposal to make the water stop spraying from these pipes. Items used included rags, marlin spikes, etc....

Push up Plank off

Push-up Plank-off: Cadets must hold a plank as long as they can, and do as many push ups as possible!

stretcher carry

Stretcher Carry: Cadets must securely tie down Billy (a MOB dummy) and bring his stretcher from the O1 aft deck all the way up to the Helo deck (four floors!). The division with the best time wins.


Spectators look on....

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