June 18th, 2023 - Happy Father's Day from beautiful Hilo, HI! (Posted on 6/16 as we will be in port on 6/18).

We have officially and successfully made it to the second half of Cruise 2023! We are also back across the international date line, so we are no longer a day ahead. Cadets have been busy wrapping up projects and preparing for our arrival in Hilo, to be followed by four days of rubber docking around the Hawaiian Islands when we depart on June 20th, 2023. The weather has cooled considerably now that we are away from the equator and the humidity has decreased to a comfortable level. We would like to wish a very Happy Father's Day to not only the dads aboard the TSGB, but dads back at home, wherever home may be. 

Cadet Libby Bowles

Chief Engineer Adam Kleitman

A/Purser Mason Marotta

Happy Father's Day

Cadet Kort Ramel


Cadet Chief Engineer Scooter Reid

Cadet Ryan Bean

Cadet Justin Zmina & Cadet Gerald McLarnon

Purser Jessica Fowler


Cadets Conor Finnerty and Cadet Maxima Alexandra

Cadet Joey Simone

Commandant Jimmy Moore


Check back often and follow the voyage with our blog series that gives the latest news from Summer Cruise! The TSGB will travel to Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Apia, Samoa, Hilo, Hawaii, and Astoria, Oregon prior to returning to Vallejo on July 7.

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