The Training Ship Golden Bear arrived in Long Beach at 8:30 this morning, Thursday May 11th. We had smooth seas (and minimal bouts of seasickness) on the way down the coast, with sun and warm temperatures today. It's beginning to feel like summer on the TSGB! Special thanks to Cal Maritime '92 Deck Alumnus and Long Beach Fire Pilot Fred Barkis for celebrating our arrival with a show. 

Long Beach fire boat giving us a show

We are bunkering and having our propeller cleaned while we are in Long Beach for the day. Cadets are busy with daywork and watches. During our departure from Vallejo, we discovered a couple of bird's nests on the port bridge wing with about ten tiny and hangry babies inside. They rode down to Long Beach with us, safely secured in their nests in the Navigation Office, and have since been taken ashore via fast rescue boat to a bird sanctuary. 

Baby Bird 2/M Michelle and her new friend










Second Mate Michelle Mitchell and her new friend. We did not have baby bird supplies aboard, so we had to quickly improvise to make sure they were fed adequately and on schedule (every 45 mins!). 


Launching fast rescue boat And they're off!

ALWO Carlton Bartlett and Cadets launching the fast rescue boats.

Check back often and follow the voyage with our blog series that gives the latest news from Summer Cruise! The TSGB will travel to Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico, Apia, Samoa, Hilo, Hawaii, and Astoria, Oregon prior to returning to Vallejo on July 7.

Stay tuned for updates to the Follow the Voyage blog.

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