"We most certainly are not in California anymore. The humidity smacks you in the face whenever traversing outdoor decks. The south pacific provides a serene picture of deep blue water crashing with bright cyan pools that split across our bow. Out on the quarterdeck, if you close your eyes, the sea foam that surrounds the vessel is reminiscent of a calm day at the beach. The Golden Bear in numerous ways functions as a small metropolitan city. Everyone has a specific job that is vitally important to the vessel. From our Deck Department painting, chipping, and practical training. To our Engine Department, which is tasked with the maintenance, and repair of our two powerhouse Enterprise r5 v-16 diesel engines named “Bambi” and “Thumper”. Of course, our galley crew deserves renown as well, working tirelessly to keep our whole crew and staff well-fed throughout the long workdays. Anticipation is steadily building for our arrival in Apia, with cadets showing unmatched interest in what activities will await them at port".

-Mason Marotta, Assistant Purser

Activities on the bridge..

Cruise 2023 day sixteen - we have had a fantastic couple of days with no land in sight. Despite the heat and humidity, everyone seems to be settling into their routines for the voyage ahead and enjoying the journey. Our ship's store, Pirate's Cove is bustling every evening, with trivia nights, movies on the Helo Deck, and other activities and gatherings planned as well. 

Cadet Eliora Barca and Capt. Reiman














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Established in 1929, California State University Maritime Academy is the only degree-granting maritime academy on the West Coast. Located in Vallejo, California, the campus serves nearly 1,000 students and offers undergraduate degrees preparing students for careers in engineering, transportation, international relations, business, and global logistics. The new oceanography degree program launched in the fall of 2020. Cal Maritime also offers a master’s degree in Transportation and Engineering Management, as well as a number of extended learning programs and courses.