Welcome to TSGB Cruise 2021. Please visit this website often, as information will be updated as necessary.


Tentative Cruise dates have been approved and we are moving forward with planning! Please keep in mind that these plans are subject to change. Our #1 priority is the health and safety of cadets, faculty, staff and crew. As of now, we are planning (2) 45-day cruises, along with a mandatory isolation period and COVID testing for ALL prior to boarding. 


Cruise 1: COVID testing and 14-day isolation from April 26-May 10

         Cruise May 10-June 23

Cruise 2: COVID testing and 14-day isolation from June 9-June 23

                  Cruise June 23-August 6


Please be patient as we continue working out the details to make this happen. We are currently working with faculty, staff, administration, local, state and national agencies as well as our Health Center to ensure safe cruises.




"After careful deliberation with Federal, State and local leadership, health experts and Maritime professionals, we have reached the conclusion that it is NOT prudent to go forward with our training cruise this summer."- President Cropper (see full video announcement here: https://youtu.be/f-qjW_yUE8Y)

Faculty chairs and Deans are currently working diligently on plans to make up for the loss of this year's training cruise. Please stay connected with your departments on how and when this will happen, and the Office of Marine Programs will post updates as cruise plans are made.

For information about payments and refunds, please contact the Cashier's office.

For other questions relating to TSGB Training Cruise, contact Lindsay Long in the Office of Marine Programs at llong@csum.edu.



**Note from the Office of Marine Programs: due to the uncertain nature of cruise dates (see below for tentative dates), the cruise itinerary has not been finalized. The campus Cruise Planning Committe, which consists of faculty, staff and admin are continuing to discuss route options based on the new potential cruise dates which also need to be approved by our campus administration, MARAD (Maritime Administration) and other governing bodies. Once an itinerary has been established, it will be posted here and sent out via email to cruise cadets. Please be patient as we do not have all the answers and are working hard to make sure once we open back up, we are able to move forward in planning and executing a safe training cruise for cadets, faculty and staff. Thank you!**



**Taken from message sent by President Cropper:**

Note: All subsequent dates are tied to the return to campus date (May 10, 2020)

TSGB Cruise begins               Tentatively June 10

TSGB departs Vallejo             Tentatively June 17

TSGB arrives Vallejo               Tentatively August 3

TSGB Cruise concludes          Tentatively August 10

These dates, again are notional and representative of the steps we will take to deliver a training cruise on TSGB. For our graduating seniors, this indicates that your earliest departure date from campus would be June 6 IF the return to campus date of May 10 were approved.



**Message from the President:

"One thing we know for certain: commencement and departure on the GOLDEN BEAR training cruise will not happen on their currently planned dates of May 2 and May 3, respectively. As we gain a greater understanding of the COVID-19 situation in the coming weeks, we will be able to make decisions about rescheduling our commencement and cruise departure dates. This information will be widely disseminated to the entire Cal Maritime community as soon as possible to allow individuals time to commit to travel plans." **



**ALL MANDATORY Pre-CRUISE MEETINGS FOR CADETS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Please have your cadet continue to monitor their email and this page for information regarding the status of Cruise. We will also send out the meeting content to them via email, so please tell them to read it thoroughly and let us know if you have specific questions**



**Cruise contingency plans are being worked on as we receive more information about the COVID-19 virus and how it affects our community both locally and globally. Our #1 priority is the health and safety of our cadets, faculty and staff. We are in contact with our Port Agents and are also waiting for information from our Administration regarding what we can do for cruise. Please be patient, if you don't hear an update it's probably because we are working to get one. Rather than emailing Marine Programs, check back here or with your cadet as they will always receive the most up-to-date information. Thank you!**

Welcome to TSGB Cruise 2020. Please visit this website often, as information will be updated as necessary.

Cruise begins on Wednesday, April 29th at 1600 and the ship departs on Sunday, May 3rd at 0800. The Cruise Calendar and other information is posted here.  However, information specifically for the Cadets is posted on their Cruise website.

While there is no specific event planned for their departure, please feel free to come wish the Cadets and crew farewell and bon voyage on May 3rd at 0800

Please visit this website often, as information will be updated as necessary.