Graduating OR Commissioning Seniors Going on Cruise

The mandatory commencement rehearsal is scheduled for TBD, followed by the Alumni Toast.  As a Graduating Senior, you will receive blanket authorized absence from Cruise beginning on TBD (rehearsal) and on TBD from 0600 - 2400 (Commencement Day). 

Those Cadets Commissioning:  Your mandatory rehearsal is scheduled for TBD.  You will receive blanket authorized absence from Cruise only for this time frame.  Once this rehearsal is completed, you must report back to the ship until the commencement rehearsal at 1330.   

Outside of these hours, Special Liberty is required if assigned to duty and/or day work with your Division.  Coast Guard drills on the ship will take place the morning of TBD, and no liberty will be granted during those times. 

Cruise Special Liberty Request forms (a special form just for Cruise) will be available after the first Mandatory Cruise Meeting.  This Form will be available online.  You will be able to complete it and send directly to the appropriate TSGB Officers (Captain, Chief Mate/Chief Engineer, Commandant, Dept. Chair) for approval. You will be informed by the Commandant's Office if your Request was approved or denied.