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Marine Science Minor

The Marine Science Minor is designed for students interested in pursuing a career working on research vessels, continuing their studies in marine sciences, or just have an interest in marine sciences.  To complete the Minor, a student must complete 15 units of approved Marine Science courses, including MSC 390 Independent Study.  The MSC 390 Independent Study is a culminating project or term paper usually completed during the student’s senior year.  Students who complete the Marine Science Minor will receive a certificate of completion and a notation on their official transcript indicating the completion of the Minor.

Requirements for the Marine Science Minor (at least 15 total units)

MSC 390       Independent Study                                                       3


At least nine (9) units from the following Marine Science courses:

MSC 100       Introduction to Geological & Chemical Oceanography      3

MSC 105       Introduction to Biological & Physical Oceanography        3

MSC 200       Oceanographic Instruments & Analysis                          3

MSC 205       Marine Biology                                                             3

Additional courses from the following may be used to fulfill the 15-unit requirement for the minor:

NAU 330        Meteorology (not MT majors)                                         3

GMA 105       Ocean Politics (not GSMA majors)                                 3

Upon completion of MSC 390 Independent Study, students may submit their application for the Marine Science Minor through the Records Office.

For more information, contact the Marine Science Minor Advisor:
Lloyd Kitazono, Science and Math Department




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