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Minor in Business Administration

The mission of the program in Business Administration is to graduate students who are readily employable and highly qualified for further education. Students will have a practical balance of theoretical knowledge, experiential learning, strong ethical values, and global leadership skills. We enhance learning by close involvement in international maritime affairs, unique educational platforms, vibrant industrial partnerships, and diversity of faculty, staff and cadets.


Business Administration minor: Academic course list

A minimum of 18 total units (required and elective) must be completed

Required courses (9 units total)

BUS 100: Accounting Principles I: Financial (3 units)

BUS 200: Introduction to Marketing (3 units)

MTH 107: Elementary Statistics (3 units)


Elective courses (Complete ANY THREE of the following - 9 units total)

BUS 101: Accounting Principles II: Managerial (3 units)

BUS 300: International Business (3 units)

BUS 310: Financial Management (3 units)

ECO 101: Microeconomics (3 units)

LAW 100: Business Law (3 units)

MGT 205:  Organizational Behavior and Labor Relations (3 units)

MGT 340: Global Logistics (3 units)


Staging Enabled